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NOTE: Media Lab Europe closed in January 2005. The pages on this web site are for historical reference only.

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Other research projects at Media Lab Europe

Therapeutic Technologies
John Sharry, David Coyle, Mark Matthews
One of the dangers of 'information technology' is that learning could be reframed as information finding, rather than thinking (analysis, reflection) and doing (experimenting, trying new things out ). The therapeutic technologies group is interested in the innovative application of technology to the educational and therapeutic arenas of human endeavour. Technology can be used as an aid to human thought and reflection, helping people become self-aware, to envision personal and learning goals, and to experiment with creative options for making progress.

Completed projects

Brian Duffy, John Bradley, Alan Martin, Bianca Schoen
The primary research goals of the Anthropos initiative are found in the challenges of understanding and establishing a bond between man and machine. The project explores the fusion of AI research both as a tool for investigating human cognition as well as a technological arena inspired by human cognition.