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NOTE: Media Lab Europe closed in January 2005. The pages on this web site are for historical reference only.

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Media Lab Europe research retrospective

A major current theme at Media Lab Europe was Intimate Interfaces: bringing together inter-modal interfaces, biometric sensing, and rich representations to create intimate and personal connections with and through new technologies. More information about this effort can be found in the former Media Lab Europe brochure (PDF).

Research activity at Media Lab Europe was organized into groups, each headed by a principal investigator. These groups combined a wide range of skills, disciplines, and interests, and they collaborated internally and with other universities and research institutes across Europe. Each group had a theme that related to Intimate Interfaces, and researchers had substantial freedom to work together in identifying and pursuing their ideas around these themes with passion and enthusiasm.

Adaptive Speech Interfaces
Fred Cummins
bringing language and gesture together to help humans interact with complex systems
Common Sense
Kenneth Haase
systems that learn from experience, draw on deep backgrounds of understanding, and understand the world in multiple divergent but mutually supporting ways
Everyday Learning
Carol Strohecker
creative tools and environments for learning through life and lifetime
Human Connectedness
Stefan Agamanolis
the future of human relationships as mediated by technology
Liminal Devices
Rebecca Allen
the merge of virtual and physical reality, to reveal new arena for creative expression and to enhance our understanding of the world around us and the world within us
Gary McDarby
the use of affective feedback - defined as a combination of intelligent biofeedback and sensory immersive environments - to constructively affect a persons state of mind
Palpable Machines
Sile O'Modhrain
the inter-dependent nature of sensory perception as a potentially powerful means of enhancing interaction with computer-based tools and devices
Story Networks
Glorianna Davenport
customisable, personalisable storyteller systems which dynamically serve and adapt to a widely dispersed society of audience
Trusting Technologies
Piotr Cofta
exploration into building, maintaining and restoring trust so that people can trust trustworthy technology and technology can trust trustworthy people
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