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NOTE: Media Lab Europe closed in January 2005. The pages on this web site are for historical reference only.

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Media Lab Europe Research Associateship Programme


The Media Lab Europe Research Associateship Programme offers applicants the chance to become immersed in an intense and exciting creative environment. The programme presents a model of practice-based research and innovation unique to Europe in which scientific investigation is undertaken using the methods from the arts and design. The Lab emphasises the growth and personal development of its researchers who learn from one another as members of highly interdisciplinary teams.

During their two-year terms, research associates have many opportunities to give their ideas concrete shape in the form of artefacts and applications, which will become the basis for a dialogue with fellow researchers and the Lab's wider partner community. Research associates are expected to develop a line of inquiry together with their group leader and to contribute to the overall research vision of their group.

In addition to the opportunity to work and learn in this unique and exciting environment, Media Lab Europe offers research associates an excellent support and benefits package. The standard position carries a stipend of EUR 25,000 per annum. The programme also includes an opportunity to visit and interact with researchers at the MIT Media Lab.

Who should apply?

We are looking for applicants from across Europe and the world who are buzzing not only with passion and enthusiasm but who also have a good basis of technical skills and the desire to learn more in order to realise their visions at the cutting edge of technology. Applicants are typically recent graduates possessing at least a bachelors-level degree or equivalent in a discipline relevant to the research groups for which they wish to be considered. Applicants are expected to have demonstrated a substantial level of commitment and accomplishment in their areas of concentration prior to applying, with an emphasis on creative extensions of those domains.

Many successful applicants will have academic backgrounds that can be described as unorthodox, innovative, or self-generated. Backgrounds are typically not narrowly technical, but rather consist of a mix of different disciplines and interests, one or two in which the applicant will have deep experience. Some applicants will come from art schools, some from engineering schools, and some from both or neither. Proficiency in computer programming or electronics design is highly desirable but not required. Applicants should have a good knowledge of the English language.

How to apply

Media Lab Europe will screen candidates initially on the basis of applications submitted through our online application system by the designated deadline.

The principal components of an application are:

  • Basic personal information

  • Curriculum Vitae

  • Personal statement: This statement should give us an impression of what makes you tick. Who are you? What do you know how to do? What excites you about Media Lab Europe and the research groups you wish to apply to? What ideas are you passionate about pursuing? What research questions are you eager to tackle? Concrete project proposals are not required. This statement should be a maximum of one page in length.

  • List of research groups you wish to prioritise for your application

  • Two letters of reference: These letters can come from professors of courses you have taken; supervisors of internships, practicums, or research; people for whom you worked during summers or while in school and if appropriate, supervisors of full-time professional employment...

  • Group-specific application materials: Check the information presented by individual research groups you wish to target for additional materials that may be required. For example, many groups require the submission of a portfolio illustrating your previous projects.

Shortlisted candidates may be invited to attend an interview at the Lab approximately one month after the stated deadline. It is intended that the selection process will have been completed in sufficient time so that all candidates will be informed of the result of their application no later two months following the original deadline.