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Jamie Lawrence
Former Researcher

Jamie was born in England but followed his family to Ireland and now resides in Dublin. He studied Computer Science at the University of Sheffield, before graduating in 1998 and working at a small start-up writing market data software for large banks. After this brief diversion for a year, Jamie joined Broadcom Eireann Research as a researcher in the field of telecoms management. He was involved with designing and implementing various telecoms management prototypes before finally moving into his main area of interest; software agents.

Whilst in Sheffield, Jamie was inspired by a paper by Oren Etzioni entitled "Softbots: A New OS Interface". He caught on to the idea of autonomous pieces of software acting on behalf of the user, collaborating together, and hopefully making software engineering (and life in general) easier. Within Broadcom Eireann Research he was a researcher on the EU project LEAP which developed an agent platform for mobile phones. He was Broadcom's representative in the agent standards body, FIPA, and was involved in starting the EU-funded Agentcities project.

Jamie joined the Dynamic Interactions group at Media Lab Europe in September 2001. His current research is developing the software (and hardware) to embed agents in an ad-hoc network, in order to study how applications can emerge from the transient interactions of these simple nodes.

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