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Bianca Schön
HEA Researcher
Other research projects group

Bianca Schön is a HEA Researcher with Media Lab Europe and a PhD candidate with the Department of Computer Science, University College Dublin.

Before coming to Ireland, she gained experience not only in economic enterprises like T-Systems GEI GmbH in Darmstadt and the H.A.S.E GmbH in Hünfelden, but also in scientific institutes like the Frauenhofer Institut for Computer Graphics and the T-Systems Nova Technology Center, both situated in Darmstadt, Germany.

At MLE she works with Alan Martin and John Bradley under the supervision of Brian Duffy to develop digital minds that can seamlessly migrate, mutate and evolve on their journey between and within physical and digital information spaces. This challenges the traditional boundaries between the physical and the virtual through the empowerment of mobile agents.

Bianca's research interests include animated synthetic characters, artificial intelligence, agent technology, evolutionary- and genetic programming and agent evaluation methodologies.

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