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Ross O'Neill
HEA Researcher
MindGames group

Ross O'Neill graduated from Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) in 2003 with a first class honours degree in Electronic/Electrical Engineering. He joined the MindGames group at Media Lab Europe soon after. Ross is also a PhD candidate with the Hamilton Institute, NUI Maynooth under the supervision of Professor Barak Pearlmutter.

Ross' main involvement in the research at MLE is with the Aura Lingua project which is a collaboration of Media Lab Europe and the Hamilton Institute. It involves the development of Wireless Electro-Tactile Sensory Swap devices to be used in the Bio-medical domain.

Ross worked for several years in the Power Generation and Oil Industries as an Automation, Instrument & Control Technician/Technical Advisor in both Europe and the Middle East. In 1999 he returned to Ireland to pursue his Bachelors Degree in Electronic Engineering. He is the co-founder of the company CapperClaw Technologies which are involved in developing software for mobile devices and the co-designer of the AOLA Speech Compression/Expansion chip.

On Media Lab's 6-a-side soccer team The Libertines, Ross is affectionately known as The Chopper. This is mainly due to his Rudolph Nureyev-esque balance and delicate touch on and off the ball. He loves studying mysterious martial arts such as the Indonesian combat art Silat, mainly so he can talk about them in the pub and having recently acquired a new guitar will be found lurking in Media Lab's recording studio after work hours.