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Daragh McDonnell
Research Associate
MindGames group

Daragh McDonnell graduated from University College Dublin in 1990, with an honours degree in Electronic Engineering. Following a brief sojourn in industry with AT&T Ireland where he worked with the RF Group in the area of microwave engineering, he returned to UCD in 1992 to pursue a Master's Degree in digital image processing. Under the supervision of Professor Anthony Fagan, McDonnell was awarded the Master of Engineering Science degree in 1994. Subsequently, he lectured in the Department of Electronic Engineering in UCD where he taught courses in C programming and electronics to undergraduate students, while researching in the area of adaptive system identification. In 1999, he left UCD to join Segasoft Ireland Ltd., where he worked as an architect and developer of community-based, multimedia Internet applications. McDonnell joined Media Lab Europe in March 2001, and is investigating the application of virtual reality technology to biofeedback applications.

McDonnell believes that the paradigm of biofeedback or "self-regulation" has tremendous possibilities in diverse areas of human experience, be it self-healing, self-expression or self-education. To date, the use of state-of-the-art multimedia content in biofeedback applications has been rather limited. Based on the premise that all people love a good game, his primary research goal is to investigate how compelling, immersive computer gaming scenarios, married to multimodal biofeedback, can be used to unlock and enhance the potential of the individual.