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Phil McDarby
Research Associate
MindGames group

Phil completed his Primary Degree in Trinity College Dublin, majoring in English and Minoring in French, in 1997. He has studied music and composition from an early age, and is an avid 2D/3D artist and writer.

Following the completion of a year in Australia, he took up computer graphics. This quickly led to various courses in Web Design and 3D Animation. He has won a number of awards on the Internet for 3D design, including The Bryce Forum Select Gallery Award and The Digital Artworks Award. He worked for 2 years in Segasoft, a subsidiary of Sega Enterprises, developing front-end media for a number of web-based products, including Loudmouths, a real-time voicechat system, and Carbon, a high-end games network.

He comes to MediaLab Europe with a huge interest in creating virtual characters and environments for affective feedback, incorporating original and adaptive music.