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Nick Hawes
Post-doctoral Research Associate
Common Sense group

Nick started his academic career by choosing to study Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence because no-one he knew understood what it was about. He achieved a BSc in the subject by avoiding as much computer science as possible. This lack of foresight left him woefully unprepared for a "proper job", so he instead chose the relative safety of a PhD at the University of Birmingham. Under the guidance of Aaron Sloman, Nick undertook research sponsored by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe into developing intelligent agents for real-time computer games. Nick's doctoral research led him to develop an interest in information processing architectures for cognition, action planning in real-time complex worlds (like the real one), and resource-bounded AI.

Currently a post-doctoral researcher with the Common Sense group at Media Lab Europe, Nick is interested in building systems with dynamic, experience-derived and -providing knowledge bases. He is also interested in computational approaches to analogy, conceptual blending and all things architectural (in the information processing sense).

Away from the world of work, Nick has a passion for music, books and, well, socialising. He has played the trombone in groups of all musical persuasions, and the bass guitar in numerous failed attempts at achieving rock stardom.