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Enrico Costanza

Liminal Devices group

Enrico Costanza graduated from the Electronics Department of the University of York (UK) with a Master of Engineering degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering. In York he worked on research related to computer vision, tangible user interfaces and video augmented environments. His research aims for a more natural and intuitive interaction between people and machines.

Enrico started studying Electronic Engineering in Italy. He soon realized that he preferred to focus on people rather than on technology alone; so he got interested in the use of computers as tools for artistic expression and in innovative/unusual human-computer interfaces (HCI).

He transferred to York to complete his studies, as he foresaw the opportunity to focus on both technical and creative aspects of communication via electronic media in the newly formed Media Engineering research group there. Following the development of an active interest in visual art (photography, darkroom techniques, and video-making), he decided to include subjects related to visual perception, video production and lighting into his course of study.

In September 2003 Enrico joined the Liminal Devices group at Media Lab Europe. At MLE he works under the supervision of Rebecca Allen exploring and looking for solutions to the requirements of interfaces for mobile and wearable computers.