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James Condron
Research Fellow
MindGames group

James was born in the quiet village of Nobber in North Meath and is painfully aware of how funny it sounds. He joined Mindgames Research Group towards the end of his Phd. doctoral thesis at D.I.T. Kevin Street Dublin. Whilst in D.I.T he spent his time researching into quadratic time frequency energy distributions for use in biomedical rehabilitation, in the biomedical engineering section of the control systems department of Kevin Street. His academic interests include neurofeedback, functional electrical stimulation, brain ailment classification, biometric classification and nuclear magnetic physics. He worked for a Rendering plant in his hometown for many years as a control systems engineer specialising in Man Machine interfacing for Programmable Logic Controllers.

Outside of work James is actively interested in celtic traditional culture. He enjoys carving wood sculptures and tending to the trees in his orchard. He has strong beliefs in ancient ways and holds sacred a strong faith in the power of friendship. During his stay in MediaLab Europe James hopes to apply his knowledge of cortical resonance's, EEG biofeedback, and Digital Signal Processing to further the group in creating virtual environments which will use biofeedback not only as a navigation tool but also as a method of improving the quality of the user. His main goal is to investigate and produce biofeedback protocols, which will work effectively with the games engines being developed.