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Morgan Brickley
Research Associate
MindGames group

Morgan started in Media Lab Europe after a brief sojourn into the computer games world, working in Havok, a company that provide hi-fi physics software to both the Games World (see HalfLife2, MaxPayne2, DeusEx2, Medal Of Honor) and the Movie World (see Swordfish, Final Destination2).

This sojourn into computer games was preceded by a sojourn into the Music and Media world, where Morgan recorded albums, wrote music for air-conditioners, re-made Pulp Fiction, and wrote a computer game in Shockwave with accompaning spooky soundtrack created using granular synthesis, which was quite a buzzword at the time.

Since joining mindGames, Morgan coded up the AuraLingua Game, which is a proof-of-concept game based around the electro tactile tongue display unit (TDU) - AuraLingua. He's currently working on two other major projects, namely CipherScore and Collective Calm. Cipherscore is an accessible version of the legendary Hyperscore music program, while Collective Calm explores the area of team-based competitive relaxation, which is a progression from the groups' earlier project - RelaxToWin.

Outside of the lab Morgan is entirely hooked on the kar-z-aee sports of kiteboarding, kitebuggying, kitecrashing, buggy-boarding or indeed any permutation of wind, wheels and silly hats. He has no interest in spoons what-so-ever.