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Daniel O'Hare
Member, Board of Directors

A native of Dundalk, Co. Louth, Dr. Daniel O'Hare earned a B.Sc and an M.Sc. from University College Galway. He was conferred degrees from a number of institutions, including a PhD from University of St. Andrews (Scotland) in gasphase ultraviolet spectroscopy. Dr. O'Hare has held many academic posts at institutions both in Europe and abroad, culminating in his appointment as founding president of Dublin City University from 1977 to 1999.

Dr. O'Hare currently chairs a number of government advisory bodies and is a council member of the Institute for European Affairs. In Ireland, he chairs the Food Safety Authority, the Government Task Force on the Physical Sciences - Expert Group on Future Skills Needs, the Ballymun Regeneration project, the Steering Committee for the Irish Academy of Performing Arts, the Advisory Committee on Public Safety and also serves on the board of Directors for the proposed Arts Centre for Greater Blanchardstown.

In the United States, Dr. O'Hare is a member of the Advisory Board of the Institute for the Academic Advancement of Youth at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.