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The Edge
Member, Board of Directors

The Edge was born in London as David Evans in 1961. The following year the Evans family moved to Dublin, where Edge later attended Mount Temple School. It was here that he met his fellow band mates, who would go on to form the hugely successful U2. Twenty five years later and the band have sold over 100 million albums worldwide, won 14 Grammies in the US and 6 Brit Awards in the UK. Edge has worked on many side projects, which include the writing of the soundtrack for the film Captive in 1986, the score for the Royal Shakespeare Company production of A Clockwork Orange 2004 four years later and the theme song for the James Bond film Goldeneye in 1995. In 1996, Edge was the first recipient of the Rory Gallagher Rock Musician award and has been recognised as one of the greatest guitar players of all time on many occasions. His unique guitar style has formed an integral part of U2's trademark sound and he has sung lead vocal on several U2 songs, including 'Seconds' from the War album, 'Van Diemen's Land' and 'Numb'. He currently lives in Dublin with his family.