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Kenneth Haase
Senior Research Scientist
Common Sense group

Dr. Kenneth Haase is a Senior Research Scientist in Media Lab Europe, the MIT Media Laboratory's European Research Partner. Haase is the founder of beingmeta, inc., a Boston-based startup which continues his academic work on knowledge description and natural language processing. Haase is working to solve the genuinely hard problems of content and knowledge description in the short-term, while also proposing solutions that are long-lived and sustainable. He is also involved in a variety of XML standardization efforts, and was particularly responsible for the addition of conceptual markup to the NITF (News Industry Text Format) wire standard. He has consulted widely in the IT, manufacturing, and finance sectors.

Haase has lived and worked in Finland (where he currently holds a professorship at the University of Tampere), Belgium, Germany, and Ireland, gaining experience in the value of collaboration and cooperation across languages, cultures, and points of view. He earned his PhD from the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT, working with Professors Marvin Minksy (Media Lab) and Thomas Kuhn. He also received an MS in computer science and a BS in philosophy, both from MIT.