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Jennica Falk
Former Researcher
Story Networks group

Ph.D. candidate Jennica Falk, joined Media Lab Europe in February 2001, to pursue her vision of computer games that push through the digital domain, become aware of, and manifest themselves in physical space. Her basic premise is that the personal computer offers a poor interface to gaming in comparison to the rich interface the physical world provides to non-electronic games and play, and her research aims at rethinking the computer's role in computer games.

With the ambition to investigate how physical objects, as well as locations, can support a computer game play environment, a designated physical space is instrumented to facilitate a computer game. The task is to design a distributed interface to the virtual game, in the form of tangible and networked objects and locations, integrated with the virtual game world and game content.

Jennica's motivation for looking at the domain of computer games is twofold. Firstly, this research aims at placing people with the specific task of playing a computer game into an environment that supports that task. BY doing this, she wantes to investigate how new computational interfaces communicate functionality, particularly as they are distributed throughout a social space and how they may affect that space. Secondly, she wishes to address the future of computer game play, by exploring how tangible interfaces, ubiquitous computing and context-aware computing can applied to computer game design.

Jennica recieved her M.Sc. degree in Informatics from Göteborg University in Sweden, 1999. Her work was carried out in the PLAY research group, which she joined as a Ph.D. candidate shortly after completion of her Master's degree. Her current work is largely informed by her work in the PLAY group where her research focused on interaction design, particularly on interfaces that move computers off the desktop.

When she is not at work, Jennica is a hobby photographer, especially enjoying documentary portraits. She is currently working on a photographic collection of Dubliners in their everyday urban environment. She also likes to travel, and is looking forward to returning to Africa. Of course she also likes to play computer games...