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Cormac Cannon
Former Researcher
Palpable Machines group

Cormac is an electronic engineer and musician. A graduate of NUI, Galway, he was awarded a first class honours degree in Electronic Engineering in 2000 for which he was presented with the class prize and selected as a recipient of the IEE award. He subsequently spent a year working as a DSP development engineer with Massana Ltd., a fabless semiconductor company specialising in solutions for the communications industry, before joining Media Lab Europe as a research fellow in October of 2001.

Cormac has been playing Irish traditional music on tin-whistle and uilleann pipes from an early age, has toured in Europe and further afield and performs regularly in Ireland. His main professional experience has been in digital design, but he has recently begun to explore an interest in signal processing and the creation and control of physical synthesis models of musical instruments.