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John Bourke
Former Researcher
MindGames group

John Bourke has currently completed the third year of Computer Science Degree course at Griffith College Dublin. He has spent the last years as a site manager for a construction chemicals company, and before that he worked in steel fabrication.

In working on the Anthropos Project (Mind Games Group, Media Lab Europe), his research involved the study of motion behaviours, and, in particular, the portrayal of emotion through motion using commercially available Khepera mini-robots. This involved the development of social interaction scenarios, expressive motions, and behavioural experiments to explore the role of projective anthropomorphism in robotics.

Outside of academic pursuits, John is extremely interested in motorcycles. He is treasurer of Clondalkin MCC (one of Dublin's largest and longest running motorcycle clubs) and actively organises and participates in club outings and activities.