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Arianna Bassoli
Researcher Fellow
Human Connectedness group

Arianna Bassoli is currently working as a Research Fellow in the Human Connectedness group at Media Lab Europe, the European research partner of the MIT Media lab. She has a first class honour degree in Communication Sciences from the University of Siena, Italy. In the past, she was involved in a localized development of interactive television, and she worked as content producer in the local cable television of Siena (RCS). She has also collaborated as a journalist with a number of Italian newspapers.

Since she started to work for Media Lab Europe two years and a half ago, she put aside her interests in content production to focus on the potential that digital media have in shaping social changes. Her main interest lies in researching the possibility to use wireless technologies and mobile devices to better connect people on a local scale. Coming from a mass media background, she is now very fascinated by the potential that peer-to-peer applications have to decentralise the production and distribution of multimedia content, and to support grassroots phenomena.

Before starting the tunA project a year ago, she worked on a project called WAND (Wireless Ad Hoc Network for Dublin), a collaboration between Media Lab Europe and Trinity College Dublin, whose aim was to create a testbed network for new ad-hoc applications and services that could integrate with the interests and needs of the local communities. For this project she also conducted a local study to inform the application development, of which tunA can be considered as an output. about tunA: tunA is a mobile wireless application that allows users to share their music locally through handheld devices.
Users can "tune in" to other nearby tunA music players and listen to what someone else is listening to. Developed on iPaqs and connected via 802.11b in ad-hoc mode, the application displays a list of people using tunA that are in range, gives access to their profile and playlist information, and enables synchronized peer-to-peer audio streaming.
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