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Mike Bennett
Research Associate
Palpable Machines group

Mike is a Human-Computer Interaction/Man-Machine Interaction fanatic, a hard core coder (BBC -> Spectrum -> C64 -> 8088 -> etc), an extreme power kiter and can sometimes be found tripping himself up in the process of chasing after a football or frisbee. More often than not he has his nose buried in a book or is bouncing and babbling about some interaction technique & style.

His research interests touch on how to augment human capabilities via information visualization, auditory displays, zoomable user interfaces, gesture & movement, communities, multimodal & intermodal systems, meaning making, playful systems and information theory.

A few things he has done or been involved with include co-establishing and managing a software consultancy for 5 years (ContractIT later renamed to Eolach), wayv (gestures as part of the WIMP interface), gat (use genetic algorithms to generate reversible transforms), symbolify (converting between semiotic systems), rhythm bilk (explore dissonance in body movement), bumplist (examine the culture and rules of email lists), dlp ireland, computer clubhouse, mediadive (explore large audio spaces), nutmeg (rapid prototyping tool for high-fidelity multimodal ZUIs).