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Mike Ananny
Research Associate
Everyday Learning group

Mike Ananny is a Research Associate in Media Lab Europe's Everyday Learning Group. He's interested in how individuals and communities construct public opinions of and for themselves. His current research focuses on new contexts and technologies to support this opinion-building, specifically looking at relationships between mobile technologies as personal authoring devices and large-scale community installations as public discourse spaces.

His previous research focused on tangible interface design for storytelling and very young children's language acquisition.

He holds an Honours Bachelors degree in Computer Science and Human Biology from the University of Toronto and a Masters degree in Media Arts and Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has worked as an analyst with Nortel Networks, a design consultant with LEGO and is a co-founder of Expresto Software Corporation. A Canadian by birth and likely disposition, Ananny spent his childhood living on various air force bases across The Great White North.

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