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Joëlle Bitton
Research Fellow
Human Connectedness group

Joëlle completed a post-graduate diploma from the University of Sorbonne on the influence of emerging technologies and networks on 19th century European society. She then obtained a joined post-graduate degree in hypermedia from the School of Fine Arts and the School of Telecommunications of Paris. Her work experience includes interactive scripting and design at Nofrontiere in Vienna and freelancing in Paris for Hyptique, Les Galeries Lafayette and Numer.

In 2000, she co-founded Superficiel, an experimental platform as a starting point for digital art projects: 'Palpitations' on sexuality and memory; 'Plakatieren Verboten' based on the Viennese RePlay exhibition, the award wining 'Kindergarten' installation, and 'Passages' inspired by Walter Benjamin's Arcades Project.

She took part in various public interventions such as the 'Numer' festivals, and has exhibited works in Paris' Centre Pompidou and in Venice.

Her research involves interactive story-telling, sound navigation, echoing and transiting processes, as well as humanities content.

In September 2002, she joined the Human Connectedness group led by Stefan Agamanolis at Media Lab Europe in Dublin. She's been working on the 'RAW' project, based on an audiophotographic tool that records impressions of everyday life and the use of which was experienced in Mali in the summer 2003.

She's inspired by the themes of silence, surface, love relationships, immigration heritage, urban spaces, traces and movement.

Playlist: Personal ; Superficiel