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John Sharry
Consulting Research Scientist
MindGames group

John started as a consultant research scientist to Media Lab Europe in December 2001 and is currently leading the Therapeutic Technologies group as well as consulting with the MindGames group. He comes from a mixed science and humanities background, holding an honour's degree in theoretical physics, a masters degree in social work and a doctorate in psychotherapy. Formerly he has held posts in research physics and information technology and, latterly, as a social worker and psychotherapist.

He is the Principal Social Worker (Job-Share) in the Department of Child and Family Psychiatry, Mater Hospital, Director of the Brief Therapy Group (a private practice, training and consultancy agency) trustee and co-founder of Parents Plus (a charity dedicated to developing educational materials for parents, children and professionals) and senior partner at EAP Solutions, an Employee Assistance Programme provider in Ireland.

He has published widely in the field of psychotherapy and psychology including two textbooks Solution Focused Groupwork and Becoming a Solution Detective and several Self-Help Psychology Books for parents and children.

He is very interested in the application of technology to the educational and therapeutic arenas and has developed the Parents Plus Programmes which use video as a means of providing constructive feedback to parents and children to help them transform their relationships.