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Simon Jones
Managing Director

Simon Jones is the Managing Director of Media Lab Europe. With 20 years of success in generating and deploying innovative R&D, Simon is a significant figure in the European Technology Landscape. His technical expertise, vision, experience, contacts and team-building skills marks him out as one of the few individuals able to drive innovative research teams in an international context.

In the mid-1980's Simon was one of the first to emerge from UK universities with research skills in Microelectronics Systems Design. Five years after his PhD he was awarded a full Professorship at the UK's largest Engineering Research Institution - Loughborough University, where he held the ARM/Royal Academy of Engineering Research Chair in Embedded Microelectronic Systems. He was also awarded at the age of 31 the British Association for the Advancement of Science 'Brunel Prize' awarded to 'an outstanding academic in engineering under the age of 40'. Simon is a fluent German speaker with a degree-level qualification in German Language and Business. He was awarded in 1998 'The Siemens/German Research Ministry Research Chair' at the Technical University of Dresden working that year with Siemens to advance new computer systems for the consumer electronic market and he continues to be well connected with European industry.

A period as Dean of Engineering and Design at the University of Bath, one of the top 5 universities in the UK, gave him valuable experience in the leadership of complex organisations but he has returned to his enduring interests in innovative and ground breaking research with his post at Media Lab Europe.

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