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Ronan Coyle
Research Assistant
Liminal Devices group

I became interested in visual representations of 3D space while studying architecture in Bolton Street, where I stayed for three years before switching to Visual communications in the College of Marketing and Design. There I studied photography, printmaking, illustration, life drawing and interactive design. In my final year I focused on 3D animation and simple programming.

After College I worked in Windmill Lane (a Dublin based post production facility) for two years, working on product advertisements, channel identities and program intro sequences. I moved to Pluto (a post production house that was just starting) for a year before taking time out to do my own animation projects and experiments.

During this time I collaborated with musicians and photographers on various projects and later received a Frameworks grant from the Irish Film Board to produce a short animation.

On joining liminal devices I produced some concept animations and prototype casing for the group's projects. Currently I am working on various aspects of an interactive art piece which incorporates the group's research within a 3d games engine.