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Hannes Nehls
Research Assistant
Liminal Devices group

Hannes studied visual communication in Prof. Joachim Sauter's Media Art department of the University of Fine Arts, Berlin. There he focused on the visualisation of 'dynamic datasets' before dedicating himself more and more to the development of devices and installations that seek to integrate inconspicuously and subversivly into the real world. In his work he seek to connect everyday life reality and virtuality in a subtle and natural way.

During his studies that brought him to Amsterdam, Tel Aviv and the Museum of Communication in Berlin, Hannes co-founded '200ok', an experimental platform and thinktank for digital art projects. In summer 2003 he graduated with the installation 'lies, all lies!', that sought to create a awareness for mediamade manipulations by manipulating the 'ultimate' and most archaic picture, that is ones own shadow.

His research and interests involve the need to evoke emotions through the use of augmented reality and ubiquitous computing.

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