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Piotr Cofta
Senior Research Scientist
Trusting Technologies group

Dr Piotr Cofta is a Senior Research Scientist in Media Lab Europe, the MIT Media Laboratory's European Research Partner. He is working to enable, build and sustain trust between humans and technology.

Piotr Cofta graduated (MSc) and subsequently received his PhD in computer science from the University of Gdansk, Poland. For several years he enjoyed teaching and conducting research at the University of Gdansk until he moved to Finland to join the start-up company specialising in mobile communication. Gradually he moved to Nokia, working both in Finland and in the USA as a Principal Scientist focusing his research on trust and security.

The vision of his Trusting Devices group is to empower human trust in trustworthy devices.. and vice versa. The group concentrates on the issue whether it is possible to create devices worth our trust, devices that can trust us and devices that will help us trust the others.