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Edmund Lalor
Research Associate
MindGames group

Ed graduated from UCD in 1998 with a degree in Electronic Engineering. It was in his final year that he first became interested in Digital Signal Processing. In August 1998 he began a Master's degree specializing in DSP in the University of Southern California, which he completed in 1999.

After several months travelling he returned to Ireland and began work as a DSP Development Engineer with Massana Design Ltd. in Dublin. Ed has a very strong interest in education and in early 2002 took some time away from engineering to work as a special needs teacher for young children with learning disabilities. He worked for a number of months as a Resource Teacher in a South Dublin City primary school. The following academic year he was employed as a full time teacher for a Mild General Learning Disabilities class in a North Dublin City primary school and joined MLE on a part time basis in an effort to use his signal processing expertise and desire to help disadvantaged children to contribute to the work of the MindGames group.

Since joining MindGames Ed has become very interested in signal processing of brain activity. Currently he is working on developing a better understanding of the attentional systems in the human brain and also the development of Brain-Computer Interfaces, both as a novel way to play computer games, but more importantly as a communications medium for paralyzed people. He is currently enrolled as a PhD student in the National University of Ireland, Dublin (UCD) under Dr. Richard Reilly.

Ed also has a very strong interest in sport and is an avid basketball player.