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Glorianna Davenport
Consulting Research Scientist
Story Networks group

Glorianna Davenport is a founding member of the MIT Media Lab where she directs the Interactive Cinema group. Trained as a documentary filmmaker, Glorianna has achieved international recognition for her work in new media forms. Her research explores fundamental issues related to collaborative co-construction of digital media experiences; where the task of narration is shared among authors, consumers, and computer mediators.

Glorianna's work combines rich narrative content with customizable, personalisable storyteller systems which dynamically serve and adapt to a widely dispersed society of audience. She has taught, lectured and published internationally on subjects of interactive media and story construction and serves as a consultant to technology and content companies. She is recipient of MIT's prestigious Gyorgy Kepes Fellowship Award for excellence in the Arts. She is a co-founder of Media Lab Europe in Dublin.

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