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NOTE: Media Lab Europe closed in January 2005. The pages on this web site are for historical reference only.

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Media Lab Europe partner benefits

Media Lab Europe was a not-for-profit research organisation. Through Partnership with Media Lab Europe, corporations gained a unique opportunity to maintain their focus and business course, safe in the knowledge that they were keeping an eye on the future. Media Lab Europe offered its Partners a discrete opportunity to outsource part of their longer-term, more speculative research. This afforded them the possibility of participation in the benefits of high-risk, high-reward research at a fraction of what it would cost to fund in-house.

As a Partner of the Lab, companies had access to the research activities of Media Lab Europe and the MIT Media Lab (representing a combined annual research spend of 50 million Euro). Partners were entitled to acquire royalty-free, non-exclusive rights to all intellectual property that was developed at both Media Lab Europe and the MIT Media Lab during their period of partnership.

Media Lab Europe was an intellectually open environment where ideas were readily exchanged. The multiplier effect of being part of the Media Lab Europe community meant that our Partners' gain went far beyond any individual contributions.

An intentional focus on corporate partnership support reflected the Lab's commitment to collaborative research and to the transfer of research results and applications out of the Lab into worldwide use.


In recognition of the importance of its partners, Media Lab Europe created CoLab -- a group of people within the Lab, fully dedicated to ensuring partner needs were met, and making access to the ideas and their creators even easier. CoLab's responsibilities were partner relations, fundraising, managing MLE events, and communications. CoLab provided avenues for partners to draw more value from their relationship with the Lab by focusing on Partnership Communication, Co-operation and Collaboration.

Former CoLab staff:
Sorcha Duggan Head of Partner Relations and Communications
Lia O'Sullivan Partner Relations Manager and Events Manager
Claire Mahony CoLab Team Administrator