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23 November 2004

Media Lab Europe Teams with Amsterdam New Media Institute

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS - NOVEMBER 23, 2004 -- Media Lab Europe has teamed up with the Amsterdam New Media Institute (ANMI) to present its latest developments, internal technical reports and unpublished research outside of Ireland for the first time.

The OPEN_HOUSE 14 took place today at the World Trade Centre in Amsterdam. OPEN_HOUSE events at Media Lab Europe are an opportunity for partners to meet, experience, and discuss the latest research results directly with the researchers at the Lab. They are also an opportunity for select prospective partners and guests to gain a comprehensive first-hand overview of the Lab's projects.

Established three years ago, Media Lab Europe is a not-for-profit international research and innovation centre. Managing director, Simon Jones, said it was important that the Lab demonstrated its successes on mainland Europe. "Our remit was to take the entrepreneurial, buccaneering style of the MIT Media Lab and make it happen in the multi-lingual, multi-cultural context of a rapidly growing European Union," he explained.

Special demos included Media Lab Europe's iBand, a bracelet that stores and exchanges information about relationships; tunA, a mobile wireless application that allows users to share their music locally through handheld devices; Touch TV, which researches the gathering and display of real-time touch data in the context of a sports broadcast; and TexTales, an exploration of public collaborative publishing.

Speaking at today's event, Han Gerrits, ANMI founder and chief executive officer, said: "Media Lab Europe plays a major part in innovation in Europe and we are delighted that we can present these findings in Amsterdam, with its strong creative industry."

ANMI is a partnership between academic institutions, schools and businesses in Amsterdam. Its aim is to share knowledge about new media developments, through lectures, courses, study days and workshops.

Amsterdam research and development organisation Waag Society also participated. It presented Constructing Amsterdam, an urban history game combining GPS technology with high-speed UMTS services; Piloot, communications software for people with a mental disability; and the Digital Story Telling Table, with facilities for film footage, music and oral history.

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