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6 May 2004

International Acclaim for Media Lab Europe

DUBLIN, IRELAND - MAY 6, 2004 - A number of groundbreaking research projects at Media Lab Europe (MLE) have received international acclaim in the last week.

Two separate initiatives received Honorary Mentions at the 2004 Prix Ars Electronica, the prestigious international competition for Cyberarts in Austria. The competition is open to artists, scientists, researchers and developers who are invited to submit digital media design contributions in relation to technology, art, science and society.

The projects honoured are:

"Iso-phone" - category: Interactive Art
The Iso-phone is a service that can be described simply as a meeting of the telephone and the floatation tank. By blocking out peripheral sensory stimulation and distraction, the Iso-phone creates a telephonic communication space of heightened purity and focus.

"BumpList" - category: netvision
BumpList is a mailing list aiming to re-examine the culture and rules of online email lists. BumpList only allows for a maximum amount of subscribers so that when a new person subscribes, the first person to subscribe is "bumped", or unsubscribed from the list. Once subscribed, you can only be unsubscribed if someone else subscribes and "bumps" you off. The focus of the project is to determine whether by attaching simple rules to communication media, the method and manner of correspondences that occur as well as behaviours of connection will change over time.

Continuing in its role as a leading innovator for the future, MLE has been asked to display a project called "Breakout for two" at the Wired "NextFest" taking place from the 14th to the 16th May in San Francisco. The three-day mini World Fair, features seventy revolutionary exhibits from the world's leading visionary companies and people. Breakout for Two will be featured within the "Future of Entertainment" section.

Breakout for Two
Traditional sports foster bonding and team spirit through the sharing of a physically taxing competitive activity. This project aims to build the same sense of community over a distance, not with email and instant messengers, but with real balls, sweat, and exertion.

The latest honours continue MLE's recent run of success within the field of digital media. In January, a joint collaboration between the MLE, Trinity College Dublin and the Higher Education Authority won the 2004 02 Digital Media Award in the Consumer category.

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