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NOTE: Media Lab Europe closed in January 2005. The pages on this web site are for historical reference only.

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Board of Directors announces closure of Media Lab Europe
PRESS RELEASE, 14 January 2005

Media Lab Europe Teams with Amsterdam New Media Institute
PRESS RELEASE, 23 November 2004

Media Lab Europe and Highlands and Islands Enterprise Network Cement Partnership
PRESS RELEASE, 23 September 2004

Media Lab Europe Joins the ARM Connected Community
PRESS RELEASE, 15 June 2004

International Acclaim for Media Lab Europe

Media Lab Europe Signs Research Partner Agreement with AOL
PRESS RELEASE, 24 February 2004

Media Lab Europe Forms Groundbreaking Partnership with UK Public Agency
PRESS RELEASE, 21 November 2003

Government Funded Online System May Offer Help For Teenage Depression
PRESS RELEASE, 13 October 2003

Media Lab Europe, The Ark and Temple Bar Properties Host Interactive Debate on Smoking and Its Effects
PRESS RELEASE, 10 October 2003

Media Lab Europe Forges Strategic Alliance with Henley Incubator
PRESS RELEASE, 25 September 2003

New Managing Director Appointed at Media Lab Europe
PRESS RELEASE, 11 September 2003

South West Inner city Network Opens INTEL Computer Clubhouse
PRESS RELEASE, 27 May 2003

The Feileacan (butterfly) Project: Expected to develop better working practices with students with disabilities
PRESS RELEASE, 14 May 2003

Need for constant success blocks ability to learn
PRESS RELEASE, 13 May 2003

The Soul of Technology in Transition
PRESS RELEASE, 15 April 2003

'Big New Ideas' are no longer the exclusive Domain of Universities or Corporate Research Labs
PRESS RELEASE, 11 February 2003

Radical Changes in Consumer Patterns Predicted to Revolutionise Broadcast Media
PRESS RELEASE, 25 November 2002

Media Lab Europe Statement
PRESS RELEASE, 4 November 2002

Orange signs with Media Lab Europe
PRESS RELEASE, 24 October 2002

Wearable Gadget Tracks Exposure to Pasisve Smoking
PRESS RELEASE, 27 May 2002