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Samenwerking ANMI en Medialab Europe
Door Tjeerd Wiersma,, 24 November 2004

Medialab Europa (Audio)
Vincent Everts, BNR Nieuwsradio, 24 November 2004

Media Lab partners with Dutch institute
Deirdre McArdle,, 23 November 2004

Peter Cochrane's Uncommon Sense: The state of broadband
Peter Cochrane,, 18 November 2004

Science Week 2004 Lecture - The Storied Machine
Glorianna Davenport, FutureTense - RTE Radio 1, 11 November 2004

Superando los limites de lo concebible
Eva Rosado Calvo, La, 29 October 2004

Google examines R&D Alliance with MLE
John Kennedy, Digital Ireland, 28 October 2004

Transatlantic Corridor
Keri Allan, The IEE Review, October 2004

Peer-To-Peer Payoff
Nicholas Negroponte,, 18 October 2004

Staying emotionally connected over time and distance
Panos Markopoulos, IST Results, 14 October 2004

Media Lab Europe is a Unique Asset
Denis O'Brien, The Irish Times, 8 October 2004

Google founder ponders Irish R&D unit
Matthew Clark, Electric News, 7 October 2004

Technology orchestrates dreams of making music
Juno McEnro, The Examiner, 7 October 2004

Google examines R&D alliance with MLE
John Kennedy, Silicon Republic, 7 October 2004

Media Lab signs deal with HIE
Ireland On-Line, 23 September 2004

Networks Without the Net
Douglas Rushkoff, theFeature, 22 September 2004

Simon Jones, Media Lab Europe speaks at the Summit for the Future: Science & Technology
Club of Amsterdam Journal, September 2004

Grejen gor det lattare kilppa film
Roland Tidstrom, Vasterbottens Kuriren, 14 September 2004

Tolvaringr utvecklar redigeringsprogram for film
Mikael Bergstedt, Vasterbottens Folkbald, 14 September 2004

Profile: Jones of Media Lab Europe
R&D Efficiency, 9 September 2004

Soundings from the Future - Birdcase feature
Aubrey Manning, BBC Radio 4, 7 September 2004

Nachrichten schreiben mit Gefuhl
Focus Magazine, August 2004

Europe's Beacon of the Future
Sarah Gracie, The Sunday Times, 29 August 2004

Gemischte Gefuhle
Dorothee Wiegand, c't Magazine, 23 August 2004

Interview - Prof Simon Jones, Media Lab Europe
John Kennedy, Silicon Republic, 12 August 2004

MLE aims to boost R&D among European SMEs
John Kennedy,, 3 August 2004

I Think, Therefore I Game
PC Gamer, July 2004

Nature Trailer - Cape Clear Island
RTE Radio Shanks Mare, 27 July 2004

The US-to-Dublin research bridge
America 2004 Supplement - The Irish Times, 2 July 2004

Telepathie assistee par ordinateur
Herve Bonnot, VSD, 24-30 June 2004

Give every student a computer
John Kennedy, Knowledge Ireland, June 2004

Evolving literacy – crafting messages for senses, sensibilities, and sense-making
Carol Strohecker, Vodafone Receiver Magazine, June 2004

Back from the future
David Barton, The Sacramento Bee, 18 May 2004

NextFest: An odyssey of innovation
Shannon Bentley, Discovery Channel, 18 May 2004

ICT in Education - Interviews with Seymour Papert, Carol Strohecker, Gary McDarby
RTE Radio Future Tense, 18 May 2004

Flotation tank phone rings with success in tech prize
The Examiner, 14 May 2004

Zipping into the future
Benny Evangelista, San Francisco Chronicle, 14 May 2004

MIT Aims for the Bottom Line
Mark Baard, Wired News, 11 May 2004

Learning to log on and take off
Rosin Ingle, The Irish Times, 28 April 2004

Cambridge don can also talk business
Karlin Lillington, The Irish Times, 23 April 2004

tunA - Can anyone become a mobile radio station?
RTE Radio Future Tense, 21 April 2004

Media Lab Europe - Signal Processing and Game System Aids People with Disabilities
Microsoft Case Study, 6 April 2004

Media Lab Europe in Dublin baut Hirn-Interface
Heisse, 27 March 2004

Brain waves control video game
Jo Twist, BBC News, 24 March 2004

Calm mind creates complex tunes
Jo Twist, BBC News, 12 March 2004

Brain-controlled video game made
BBC News, 5 March 2004

Torwandschießen interkontinental
Christian Stöcker, Spiegel Online, 1 March 2004

Virtual football bonds strangers
Jo Twist, BBC News, 27 February 2004

AOL plugs into Media Lab
Gordon Smith,, 25 February 2004

Innovation Is Good For You
Roger Dettmer, The IEE Review, February 2004

High tech Haven
Ireland Magazine, February 2004

Turning Strangers Into Friends
Mark Frauenfelder, TheFeature, 19 January 2004

Virtual Table Brings Distant Loved Ones Together
Terry Costlow, IEEE Distributed Systems Online, January 2004


TunA Lets Users Fish for Music
Kari L. Dean, Wired News, 4 December 2003

Gizmo Puts Cards On The Table
Mark Baard, Wired News, 28 November 2003

MIT Business boost for North
Ken Symon, Business Editor, 23 November 2003

Research deal could pave way for Highland business boom
Jennifer Hill, The Press and Journal, 22 November 2003

Youth 'mobile' art initiative
BBC News, 20 November 2003

Partners sought in brain device project
Tom Lyons, The Irish Independent, 19 November 2003

Medics find healthy pulse online
Matthew Magee, Sunday Tribune, 26 October 2003

Trinity set to beat teenage angst with techno-therapy
Siobhan Mcguire, Sunday Times, 26 October 2003

Media Lab stays true to innovative path
Karlin Lillington, The Irish Times, 3 October 2003

Negroponte: Tough Times? Go Crazy
Karlin Lillington, Wired News, 2 October 2003

Cutting Edge Technology Projects for Everyday Learning
Carol Strohecker,, July 2003

Over the Cutting Edge
James Hamilton, Televisual, August 2003

Time Sensitive Mapping
MIT Technolgy Insider, August 2003

Seeing, Hearing and, finally, feeling is believing
Berni Dawn, The Irish Examiner, 18 July 2003

Grenzenlos - Exertion Interfaces verbinden Sportler weltweit
Florian Muller & Peter-Michael Ziegler, Computer Technik, 14 July 2003

Media Lab signs deals worth €1m
The Irish Times, Jamie Smyth, 11 July 2003

In The Papers -Media Lab Europe has signed partnership deals worth just under EUR1 million
Matthew Clark, Electric News, 11 July 2003

Media Lab's Mind Games group opens up will power
Berni Dawn, The Irish Examiner, 4 July 2003

Brains unboxed
Kirstie Urquhart, Science's Next Wave, 4 July 2003

Accessible Gaming
Sile O'Modhrain, BBCi Ouch , June 2003

Youth to play part in building digital gap
John Kennedy , Irish Independent, 26 June 2003

Amble Time Across World Cities
Neal Peirce, The Washington Post writers Group, 8 June 2003

Technology shows flair in dealing with disability
Karlin Lillington, The Irish Times, 6 June 2003

Lab puts human potential to high-tech test
Tom Lyons, Irish Independent, 5 June 2003

Wheelchair users take flight
Karlin Lillington:, Wired online, 31 May 2003

Taoiseach opens Intel computer clubhouse
Business World, 29 May 2003

Scientists build 'passive smoke' detector
Matthew Clark,, 27 May 2003

Gadget keeps tabs on smoke
BBC News Online, 25 May 2003

Disabled access: software for special needs people
Tom Hickey, Irish Examiner, 23 May 2003

Media Lab Europe helps students dance with butterflies
Matthew Clark,, 14 May 2003

Digital maps tell the time
BBC News Online, 9 May 2003

Household goods furnished with technology of the future
Berni Dawn, Irish Examiner, 5 May 2003

Media Lab Europe moving assistive technology out of its innovation Lab in Dublin and into usability trials
Discovery Channel, May 2003

Digital flowers keeps tabs on love
BBC News Online, 23 April 2003

Our new best friend
Richard Wray, The Guardian, 17 April 2003

Games take your breath away
BBC News Online, 7 April 2003

Touch TV moves closer
BBC News Online, 4 April 2003

MLE develops links to Irish universities
Andrew McLindon,, 14 February 2003

Game Boy
Lucille Redmond, Technology Ireland, February 2003

A smart play:computer games make learning fun
Mark Twomey, Irish Examiner, 24 January 2003

Feisty New Yorker with finger on tech pulse
John Kennedy, Irish Independent, 23 January 2003

Video games to rival cinema, books and TV
Matthew Clark,, 14 January 2003


DIY will bring innovative direction for home cinema
Matthew Magee, Sunday Tribune, 1 December 2002

Media Lab enters phase two
John Kennedy, Irish Independent, 28 November 2002

Media Lab Europe forms research partnership with Orange
Carmel Killoran, Irish Examiner, 15 November 2002

Satellites may bring end to bus-stop woes
The Sunday Times, Jan Battles, 10 November 2002

Ireland drives Fiat's creativity
Irish Independent, John Kennedy, 24 October 2002

MLE researchers design dental speaker
Matthew Clark,, 17 June 2002

Media Lab on a Private Mission
Ian Campbell, Irish Independent, 30 May 2002

Boffins develop 'sociable' robots
Nick Farrell,, 20 May 2002

Robots with a friendly manner
BBC News Online, 19 May 2002

This week's e-visionary: Tod Machover
Irish Independent, 9 May 2002

Video games to help you relax
Alfred Hermida, BBC News Online, 8 May 2002

Feeling the digital force
BBC News Online, 25 April 2002

Relaxing is Easy PC for Kids
Simon Mills, Irish Examiner, 19 April 2002

Media Lab's heady start in Dublin brewery
Brad Spurgeon, International Herald Tribune, 15 March 2002