The MindGames group is committed to developing constructive technologies that can expand and improve human potential. We have chosen a gaming framework to explore our research vision given that much is learned quickly and effectively when a human being is immersed in a virtual environment playing a compelling ‘mind game’. We are interested in developing multi-modal and innovative interfaces to content-rich virtual worlds, such as movement interfaces or biometric monitors that can measure a person’s affect or emotional state. Our overall aim is to facilitate the learning of skills in the virtual world that are useful back in the real world.

The MindGames group is a truly multi-disciplinary team, possessing expertise in a wide range of fields from biomedical signal processing, hardware design, graphics generation, multi-media, music composition, artificial intelligence, psychology, computer science and games programming.

Philosophically as a group, we are committed to developing technology that is person centred and sensitive to human needs and which is accessible to participation by a wide range of people. Our focus on demonstration is designed to challenge organisations to not only think of how they might use our ideas in their products but also to imagine how their products can reach out and change the lives of everyone in a positive way. We believe that technology should be designed to facilitate us building a more constructive humanity.

Gary McDarby (Principal Investigator)