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Past events at Media Lab Europe

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1 - 2 December 2004
Next2004 is an Exhibition and Conference focusing on emerging technology that will take place on December 1st & 2nd in Base Camp, Copenhagen. This year's theme is "Ideas create more time". Media Lab Europe will showcase their new projects at the exhibition while Simon Jones, managing director of Media Lab Europe, will give a keynote speech at the conference.
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23 November 2004
OPEN_HOUSE 014 - Amsterdam
The next OPEN_HOUSE will take place in Amsterdam on Tuesday 23 November 2004 in the Conference area of the World Trade Centre in conjunction with the Amsterdam New Media Initiative (ANMI).

9 - 10 November 2004
IEE Telecoms Hot Topics Forum
The IEE is to run a new Telecoms Hot Topics Forum on November 9th & 10th at Savoy Place, London, UK. Through practical case studies and keynote addresses the event will feature some of the industry's most respected technology experts and thought-leaders who will give delegates their insights into the latest technology developments shaping the telecoms industry of tomorrow. Market leaders such as Orange, Vodafone UK, BT Wholesale, ARM and Nortel Networks are participating alongside leading think-tank Media Lab Europe. Managing Director of MLE, Simon Jones, will be giving one of the keynote speeches.
Further details available at:
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28 - 30 October 2004
Art Future Exhibition & Conference, Barcelona
The Liminal Devices research group is participating in this year's Art Futura Exhibiton/Conference in Barcelona.

28 October 2004
Creating, Sharing and Re-using E-Learning Content Workshop
Carol Strohecker, Senior Research Scientist of the Everyday Learning reserach group will partcipate in the e-learning workshop in Brussels entitled "Creating, Sharing and re-using e learning content" which will take place on the 28th of October.
Further information on this event can be found at

18 - 20 October 2004
3G 2004 - Fifth International Conference on 3G Mobile Communication Technologies
3G 2004 - Fifth International Conference on 3G Mobile Communication Technologies 18 - 20 October 2004, Savoy Place, London, UK 3G2004 is the premier technical forum for 3G mobile and related technologies, now into its fifth successful year. 3G 2004 will be held at the prestigious headquarters of the IEE on the banks of the River Thames. It will bring together researchers and technologists from manufacturers, service providers, operators, application developers, regulators and standards bodies to share the latest information and promote the development of 3G services, systems and networks. The conference will be a three-day event with a balanced structure consisting of parallel technical sessions and panel discussions by leading experts on 3G technologies. Several hundred delegates from around the world are expected to attend. For the first time at the 3G Conference there will be a 'named' IEE evening lecture followed by a dinner in the Riverside Dining Room. Attendees and non-attendees of 3G 2004 are welcome at the lecture and to the dinner. Our eminent Keynote Speaker for the Lecture will be Simon Jones, Managing Director at MediaLab Europe.
Further details available at:
Download the conference brochure

5 - 7 October 2004
Innovact 2004 Exhibiton
Media Lab Europe exhibited at this years Innovact Exhibtion in Reimes, France. Innovact is the European Forum for innovative growth companies and this was the 9th year that the Exhibiton took place.
Further information is available at:

23 September 2004
RDA Event - The Future of Innovation: The Regional Context
Innovation is one of the keys to invigorating regional economies. The creation of an innovation culture can do much to spark both endogenous growth and inward investment. By its very nature innovation is risky and disruptive. While it produces by far the most wealth from both old and new resources it can be undisciplined, confusing and contrary. How then can we best harness innovation to the needs of regions in and across Europe? Can we create a model for nurturing and breeding innovation? How should this approach be adapted to local conditions? What is the best of breed in innovation centres?
By Invitation Only

15 June 2004
Changing Reality

Global networks, virtual environments, artificial life, biological and embedded sensors are all examples of technologies that have blurred the boundaries between physical reality and virtual reality. With advances in mobile, wearable technology there will be increasing opportunities to engage in the physical world while coexisting in other times and places. Can we design simultaneous realities that allow us to see and sense more than the world in front of us in ways that will enhance rather than overwhelm? And can we design new interface paradigms that allow us to seamlessly interact between these worlds in a way that is natural and body centric?
Keynote Speakers: Matt Adams (Blast Theory); Rebecca Allen (Principal Research Scientist, Media Lab Europe); Joe Paradiso (MIT Media Lab)

17 - 19 May 2004
ICT and Education: Incremental Progress or Fundamental Change?
As part of Ireland's Presidency programme, The Department of Education & Science in collaboration with Media Lab Europe, will hold a conference on ICT in education - "New Futures for Learning in the Digital Age". The conference, which will take place at the Headquarters of Media Lab Europe in Dublin on 17th and 18th May 2004, will focus on the potential of digital technologies to transform and enhance the learning experience and on identifying the challenges and opportunities for policy makers and those who deliver education to develop and exploit this potential. On the 19th of May, a select group of international researchers, educators, and policy makers will debate factors affecting progress: technology, society, school, epistemology, learning, and change.

20 April 2004
Sensing Change

The phones and portable devices we carry with us already extend our senses, enabling hearing and seeing far beyond our physical range. Soon these devices will extend our sense of touch. These increasingly intimate objects will be connected to us, to the world and to each other. The coincidence of pervasive connectedness, situational awareness and richly multimodal input and output capabilities will redefine every aspect of the computational landscape. How will we interact with a world in which the boundaries between the physical and the digital are transparent? Can we perceive and act in more than one domain simultaneously? Can we store information in our bodies or retrieve a physical reaction from another person, place or time?
Keynote speakers: Roope Takala (Nokia Research); Sile O'Modhrain (Principal Research Scientist, Media Lab Europe)

24 February 2004
Changing Connections

How will we communicate with our friends and loved ones twenty years from now? How can interface technologies prompt and mediate a sense of intimacy? How will new technologies help us to create new senses of kinship and relatedness? Where are the new digital divides and how can we bridge them?
Keynote speakers: Peter Cochrane (ConceptLabs, BT); Stefan Agamanolis (Principal Research Scientist, Media Lab Europe)


18 November 2003
Learning for a Change

Today's information society challenges traditional schooling, corporate innovation and organisational development. Success depends on people's abilities to initiate their own inquiries and learn new skills rapidly. People need to continue learning well beyond childhood or initial professional training. Learning itself needs to be rethought as a lifelong, self-aware process in which diverse people understand and direct their own strategies for approaching new ideas and constructing new skills.
Keynote speakers: Seymour Papert (Professor Emeritus, MIT Media Lab); Carol Strohecker (Senior Research Scientist, Media Lab Europe); Hanne Ekfeldt Boutrup (Director of Communication, LEGO Learning Institute)

24 September 2003
Innovation in a Changing World

Keynote speakers: Nicholas Negroponte (Chairman, MIT Media Lab); Robin Mannings (BT); Hiroshi Ishii (Professor, MIT Media Lab)

10 June 2003
Common Sense
How do we best enable people and machines with the models and meanings behind knowledge and understanding?
Keynote speakers: Elizabeth Rosenzweig (Eastman Kodak); Henry Lieberman & Push Singh (Researchers, MIT Media Lab); Kenneth Haase (Acting Director, Media Lab Europe)
Watch the video recordings of the presentations from OPEN_HOUSE 008.

13 May 2003
People of all ages can approach learning about themselves, their communities, and their environments confidently, creatively, and continuously. The Lab explores ways of understanding learning processes within individuals and organisations, and ways of designing tools and environments for learning that transform the way we live and work.
Keynote speakers: Kamille Friis (Director, Human Design Group); Peter Senge (Senior Lecturer, MIT)
Watch the video recordings of the presentations from OPEN_HOUSE 007.

15 April 2003
Spirituality & Technology
Emerging technologies in genetic engineering, implants, and cognitive interfaces are expected to prolong life. But how do we ensure that our quality of life is preserved in equal measure? The Lab explores the implications and opportunities of these technologies including; wearable diagnostics, preventative technologies and lifestyle patterns & habits monitoring.
Keynote speakers: John Moriarty (spiritual writer and philosopher); Anne Foerst (Visiting Professor, St. Bonaventure University)
Watch the video recordings of the presentations from OPEN_HOUSE 006.

11 March 2003
Mosaic society
We live in a multilingual, multicultural Europe that strives for integration and sustainability. The Lab examines the role of technology and invention in supporting a diverse Europe.
Keynote speakers: Michael Best (Research Scientist, Media Lab Asia); Norman Lewis (Director of Technology Research,
Watch the video recordings of the presentations from OPEN_HOUSE 005.

11 February 2003
Innovating Innovation
Big new ideas are no longer the exclusive domain of university or corporate research labs. Innovation sparks anywhere that problems worth solving meet entrepreneurial passion. The Lab explores new ways to grow an innovation culture within organisations.
Keynote speakers: Joe Paradiso (Associate Professor, MIT Media Lab); Rolf Jenson (CIO, Dream Company Inc.)
Watch the video recordings of the presentations from OPEN_HOUSE 004.

14 January 2003
Fun and Games
The development of innovative technologies that are not only immersive and fun but create new mediums for discovery and self awareness are changing the future of entertainment and learning. The Lab examines the ways that these technologies can positively impact life experience and behaviour.
Keynote speakers: Nicholas Negroponte (Chairman, MIT Media Lab); John Orwant (Principal Research Scientist, France Telecom)
Watch the video recordings of the presentations from OPEN_HOUSE 003.


26 November 2002
The Lab explores new genres of interactive content, distributed media databases, mobile communication and everyday broadcasting.
Keynote speakers: V. Michael Bove, Jr. (Principal Research Scientist, MIT Media Lab); Jess Cleverly (Executive Producer, BBC Children's Drama); Marc Davis (Assistant Professor, University of California at Berkeley)
Watch the video recordings of the presentations from OPEN_HOUSE 002.

24 October 2002
The Lab explores how computer interfaces and human senses co-evolve to connect minds and bodies with future technologies.
Keynote speakers: Kenneth Haase (Associate Professor, MIT Media Lab); Michael Robinson (Director of Design, Fiat)
Watch the video recordings of the presentations from OPEN_HOUSE 001.