A  n  t  h  r  o  p  o  s 
Social Robot Research @ Media Lab Europe

Anthropos the Robot

Research Issues

Can the illusion of life and intelligence emerge through simply engaging people in social interaction?
How much can this illusion emerge through peopleís tendency to project intelligence and anthropomorphise?
Should robots become the synthetic human?
Is attacking the most sophisticated entity we know, ourselves, and trying to build an artificial human the ultimate challenge to roboticists?
But, researchers will not be happy building anything less than a fully functional synthetic human robot. Itís just not in their nature.

There is the age-old paradox where technologists predict bleak futures for mankind because of their research directions but nevertheless hurtle full steam ahead in pursuing them. Strong humanoid research could be just a means to play God and create life. But fortunately, robots will not take over the world. They will be so unique that both our identity and theirs will be safe.

This research aims to explore this fine line between perceived intelligence and the implementation of complex artificial intelligence research approaches towards building and controlling autonomous robots for social interaction.

Design and Functionality

Anthropos is alive and well and lives through the following:
  • The first phase of his Firewire Nervous System
  • A custom vision system with basic object tracking and colour segmentation.
  • A motion behaviour rapid prototyping program.
  • A speech recognition/synthesis system

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