A  n  t  h  r  o  p  o  s 
Social Robot Research @ Media Lab Europe


The Anthropos Project explores the illusion of life and intelligence through the development of an amicable anthropomorphic socially capable robot embodied in Media Lab Europe. The robot is designed to be expressive, communicative, and capable of interacting with people in their physical environment.

NEWS: See one of our robots on the cover of ERCIM News special issue on Cognitive Systems with an article on Anthropos research.

Although one of the goals of the project is the development of such a robot, the primary research goals are found in the challenges of understanding and establishing a bond between man and machine. A socially-capable robot requires a coherent integration of

  • real-world technologies such as mobile robotics, vision and speech systems, motion behaviour control, local and global sensing technologies and work on smart buildings

  • cognitive science research, in part by embracing the field of human machine interaction along with the understanding of human communication, physical expression research, and human social tendencies through implementation of these systems on an autonomous robot.

Thus, the Anthropos project explores the fusion of AI research both as a tool for investigating human cognition as well as a technological arena inspired by human cognition.

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