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NOTE: Media Lab Europe closed in January 2005. The pages on this web site are for historical reference only.



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Media Lab Europe's mission was to expand human potential through invention.

Media Lab Europe was an independent, not-for-profit, international research institute.

Media Lab Europe was founded in July 2000 as a collaborative venture between the Irish Government and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Modeled on the Media Laboratory at MIT, Media Lab Europe was established as a hybrid between academia and the corporate world, to create a unique new centre of excellence in digital technologies.

Working with partners from industry, academia and civil society, Media Lab Europe drew on a wide variety of viewpoints in developing its activities. The results of its work were made available to its partners so that ideas that transform the way we live and work could move from the laboratory to implementation.

Media Lab Europe brought together scientists, engineers and artists from different backgrounds, disciplines, cultures and nationalities to create technologies and explore applications that had barely been dreamt of before. With the research it engaged in and the tools it invented, the Lab aimed to advance science, increase knowledge, extend boundaries and improve human life.

MIT partner
Media Lab Europe was the European research partner of the MIT Media Lab, which was founded by MIT Professor Nicholas Negroponte and the late Jerome Wiesner (former President of MIT and former Science Adviser to President John F. Kennedy), who foresaw the convergence of computing, publishing and broadcasting, fuelled by changes in the communications industry. Since opening in 1985, the Media Lab has helped create now-familiar areas such as digital video and multimedia.

On 14 January 2005, the Board of Directors of Media Lab Europe announced that the company would go into voluntary solvent liquidation. The decision was taken because its principal stakeholders, the Irish Government and MIT, had not reached agreement on a new funding model for the organization. (Full press release)

Download the Media Lab Europe brochure (in circulation at the time of the Lab's closure).